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Sunday, October 30, 2011


The second time GEORGE MAWBEY appears in the annals of Australian history is as a witness in the perjury trial of his former employer, SAMUEL ONIONS.
ONIONS was an ironmonger who ran what sounds like a very profitable business in King Street in the heart of old Sydney Town.
George Mawbey was his clerk, the equivalent of a bookkeeper today, keeping track of his boss's stock and accounts.
According to the colony's first newspaper, the New South Wales Government Gazette, SAMUEL ONIONS was assigned over a dozen male convicts to work for him between 1833-36. [Source: FindMyPast]
All were labourers or tradesman except for one in-door servant.
There is no mention of a clerk.
According to George Mawbey's death certificate, he arrived in the colony in 1832.
This means he may have been among the first substantial wave of free settlers who came to the other side of the world to make a new life.
Alternatively, he may have arrived as a transported convict and then changed his name.
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