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Monday, October 17, 2011


George Mawbey is recorded as residing at Dural (aka 'Dooral') from 1849-1856 (no record for 1854) according to the New South Wales, Australia Returns of the Colony 1822-1857.
But his son, George Jnr, was baptised there in late 1860, suggesting he was there until then.
He then took his family to Mudgee in the central west of the state, possibly travelling by horse and cart along the Old Northern Road to Wiseman's Ferry. [31-12-11 - This may not be correct as he appears to have returned to Sydney to live in Newtown.]
From there they would have taken the punt (ferry) across the Hawkesbury River, and then the Great North Road to the Hunter Valley.
To put this in a wider context, 1861 was the year the American civil war began.
I am trying to confirm that George Snr was indeed a teacher at the Church of England denominational school at Dural.
This is thought to have been the case, and may have been recorded on one of the childrens' birth certificates.
While probably not a trained teacher, his big advantage was that he could read and write.
Before he married in Sydney in 1838, he was working as a clerk for former convict, Samuel Onions.
His signature on his marriage register at St Philip's Anglican Church in Sydney indicates he was an intelligent and educated man.
So does the letter he had published in The Australian newspaper in regard to a court case involving his former employer, Samuel Onions.
I will ask Anglican Church archives if they have any information.

I have been advised by the Anglican Church archives that they are too busy dealing with requests for historical information from within the church to assist family historians.