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Friday, October 14, 2011


This Sunday I am going to Dural, a former rural area now virtually an 'outer suburb' north-west of Sydney, to see if I can find out more about my great great grandfather who once lived there.
On Sunday the historic home of one of the pioneering families of the disctrict, the ROUGHLY family, is open to the public.
I actually met old Mr Roughly, Clive, and bought some of his honey back in the year 2000.
I even have some of yellow labels that he gave me to help promote his product.
'Roughly House' was built in 1856 and was home to five generations of the Roughly family.
Its two male forebears came to the colony as convicts.
I will also try to visit the nearby Anglican church where I understand my great great grandfather was a teacher.
This is such an interesting journey, tracing my family history.
I sometimes think it would be great to have the resources available to me of  the Ancestry television series, Who Do You Think You Are, but then I am enjoying doing it my own way.