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Monday, December 19, 2011


I want to start looking at William Mawbey who arrived as a convict in the penal colony of New South Wales in 1840.
This was the same year as George Mawbey and his wife Ann returned from Adelaide to Sydney.
I have been told by a Candy family historian that William was the older brother of Henry MAWBEY, the forebear of the 'Victorian Mawbeys'.
They had the same father, William, but different mothers, both with the same maiden name, Billing(s).
William's mother was Hannah and Henry's was Mary Billing(s).
Possibly the first wife, Hannah, died, and the widower William I then married her sister.
William II was tried in Surrey, the same English county George Mawbey is said to have come from (on his death certificate), and they were both around the same age.
I made this entry about him on my original Mawbey Family Australia blog under the heading MAWBEY/MAWBEY CONVICTS on 2-2-2010:
  • Convicted of stealing a cloak at Surrey Quarter Sessions;
  • sentenced for a term of seven years, the standard sentence for transportation;
  • left England 10 October 1839;
  • arrived in penal colony of New South Wales 1840;
  • one of 230 male convicts on board the ship Woodbridge.
  • born c.1808 in Surrey, England;
  • occupation butcher [same as his younger brother, Henry, who was living in Melbourne in 1840];
  • married,
  • Protestant,
  • 5 ft 6 1/4 inches tall.
  • No former convictions.[Source: State Library of Queensland, Convict Transportation Registeries Database]
On 4 May 1846 he was granted a Certificate of Freedom.[Source: NSW State Records Index to Certificates of Freedom]
The only record in the NSW Births Deaths and Marriages indexes that may pertain to him is the birth of a Mary A to William and Ann Mawby (not Mawbey) in 1847.
I did find a baptism for a Mary Ann Mawbey at St Philip's Church of England around this time, but have to find it again.

Update 28-1-12
Mary Ann, daughter of William and Ann Mawby, was christened at St Philip's Church of England on 21 February 1847.
There is no marriage registered for a William and Ann Mawbey at this time in the NSW Births Deaths and Marriages.
As he was already married when he was convicted in England before being transported, his wife may have come to the colony to be with him.
After the birth of their first child, the couple then moved to Melbourne to be with William's younger brother.
Sarah Barckley Mawbey who died 12-4-184(6) aged 8 months (b. September 1845) and was buried in the old Devonshire Street Cemetery may have been his child.