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The Australian continent was occupied by Aboriginal people for thousands of years before the arrival of Europeans.
The first Europeans to arrive were the Portuguese followed by the Dutch who named  the continent 'New Holland'.
1760 - King GEORGE III ascends the throne of England; rules until 1820.
1770 - English explorer, Captain James COOK, claims the entire east coast of 'New Holland' (informally a Dutch possession) on behalf of Britain and names it 'New South Wales'.
1786 - New South Wales is formally declared a British colony and decision made to ship convicts there following the British loss of the American War of Independence.
1788 - English Captain Arthur PHILLIP RN brings the first fleet of ships carrying convicts to Sydney Cove where he establishes a penal settlement on 26 January. He is governor of the colony of New South Wales from 7 February 1788 to 10 December 1792.
1790 - Second Fleet arrives in Sydney.
1791 - Third Fleet arrives in Sydney.
1792 - Governor Phillip leaves the colony.
1795 - Captain John HUNTER RN is governor from 11-9-1895 to 27-9-1800.
1800 - Captain Philip KING RN is governor from 28-9-1800 to 12-8-1806.
1803 - Convict settlement at Sorrento on Port Phillip Bay (now Melbourne, Victoria). Van Diemen's Land (now Tasmania) becomes another penal settlement.
1804 - Newcastle, north of Sydney, is established as the first secondary penal settlement on the mainland for convicts committing serious offences in the colony.
1806 - Captain William BLIGH RN is governor from 13-8-1806 to 26-1-1808. (The latter date 26 January is now celebrated as Australia Day, despite its association with the insurrection of the military against the governor.).
1808 - Governor BLIGH deposed.
1810 - Major General Lachlan MACQUARIE CB governor from 1-1-1810 to 1-12-1821.
The first St Phillip's Church of England opens in Sydney.
1820 - King George III dies; replaced by King GEORGE IV who rules until 1830.
1821 - Major General Sir Thomas BRISBANE Bt GCG GCB governor from 1-12-1821 to 1-12-1825.
1822 - Joseph Moorbee (Morbey/Mowerby), convict, arrives Sydney on 26 November on Eliza
1824 - Penal settlement established at Moreton Bay (now part of state of Queensland).
1825 - Tasmania becomes a separate entity from the colony of New South Wales.
1829 - Captain Charles FREMANTLE takes formal possession of the western third of Australia consisting of all the mainland not already included in the colony of New South Wales and calls it 'Western Australia'.
1830 - King George IV dies; replaced by King WILLIAM IV who rules until 1837.
Joseph Moorbee convicted of stealing and assault and executed at Campbell Town on 8 February.
1832 - George MAWBEY is thought to have arrived in Sydney.
1833 - John Morbey, convict, arrived Van Diemen's Land on 1 December on John (2) after given 14 years sentence at Leicester Quarter Sessions.
1834 - QUEENSLAND established, consisting of the northern two-thirds of the colony of New South Wales.
1835 - Convict, Joseph MAWBEY arrives in Van Diemen's Land.
1836 - Ann Morby, convict, arrived in Van Diemen's Land 25 April on Arab.
1837 - King William IV dies; replaced by QUEEN VICTORIA who rules until 1901.
1838 - On 24 July, George MAWBEY marries Ann Williams at the original St Philip's Church of England, Sydney.
Samuel Moorby, convict, arrives on Portsee, farmer labourer, assigned to Yass.
1839 - George and Ann Mawbey go to Adelaide and start an Refreshment Rooms business in the main commercial district.
1840 - Convict, William MAWBEY, older brother of Henry Mawbey of Melbourne, arrives in Sydney.
George and Ann Mawbey return to Sydney
1842 - Convict, John MAWBY arrives in Van Diemen's Land (Tasmania).
Henry MAWBEY marries Sarah Candy on 2 November.
1844 - Robert Mabey, convict arrives 4 February on Anson
1850 - On 1 October, transportation of convicts is officially abolished in the colony of New South Wales.
1851 - On 1 July, Port Phillip becomes the separate entity of VICTORIA, no longer part of the colony of New South Wales.
1852 - Transportation of convicts to the east coast of Australia ceases. [It is thought that 150,000 convicts from Britain were transported to the east coast of the British colony between 1788-1852. Of these, 73,000 were transported to Van Diemen's Land.]
1854 - James Moorby, convict, arrives on 17 July on China
1855 - John Moresby, 21, unassisted immigrant, arrived 21 March on Lord Hungerford
1861 - Australian census.
1862 - George Mawbey dies. NSW Police Force established.
1868 - Last convicts to be transported to Australia arrive in Western Australia.
1872 - Gold discovered at Hill End in NSW.
1881 - Third census of Australia and first conducted simultaneously with the rest of the British empire. The population of Australia was 2,250,194, New South Wales 749,825 and Sydney 224,939.
1883 - JOHN THOMAS MAWBEY selects a property at Breelong, near present day Gilgandra, in the central west of the then colony and now state of New South Wales.
1885 - Australian troops fight for the first time in an imperial war, in Sudan.
Joseph Morbey, 25, convict, arrives on 14 April on Rose of Sharon
1891 - Eleventh Australian census.
1895 - Henry MAWBEY, a pioneer figure in Victoria, originally from Tasmania, dies at Warnambool.
1900 - Mrs Sarah Mawbey, three of her children, Grace, Percy and Hilda, and their school teacher, Ellen Kerz, are brutally murdered by Aboriginals at their home at Breelong near Gilgandra in the NSW central west.
1901 - Australian census.

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