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1832 - George Mawbey is thought to have arrived in the British penal colony of New South Wales, 44 years after it was established. But exactly how and when he did arrive has not yet been ascertained. Did he travel steerage class, in which case his name may not have been included on the passenger list? Did he come under another name?
1833 - In April, George Mawbey's name appears in an advertisement for the Theatre Royal, Sydney's first professional theatre, as an actor in a play. He is still there as an actor in May and June, also as a singer.
1837 - In July he is awarded a publican's licence for The Hope and Anchor on the corner of King and Pitt Streets, Sydney.
1838 - In July, George Mawbey marries Ann Williams at St Philip's Church of England in Sydney.
1839 - In June, George Mawbey opens a Refreshment Rooms business in Rundle Street, Adelaide.
1840 - George and Ann return to Sydney.
1842 - Their first child, David Henry, named after Ann's father and possibly a relative of George, is born in Darlinghurst, Sydney. Baptised St James Church of England, Sydney.
1843 - Birth of second child, Alfred, at Pitt Street?, Sydney (may have been address of George's workplace). Baptised St Phillip's Church of England, Sydney.
1845 - Birth of first daughter, Alice, at Camperdown, Sydney. Baptised at Cook's River, Petersham, Sydney.
1847 - Birth of second daughter, Ann Jane, at Redfern, Sydney. Baptised at St Lawrence, Church of England, Sydney.
1849 - John Thomas, the first of their four children to be born and baptised at Dural.
1853 - Grace born at Camperdown, Sydney, while family still living at Dural.
1855 - Elizabeth born at Dural. Baptised at St Jude's Church of England, Dural.
1858 - George, born at Dural on Christmas Day and baptised at Dural 10 months later.
1862 - Mary, the last of their 10 children, born at Newtown, Sydney.
1862 - George Mawbey dies at Newtown, aged 53, three months after birth of his last child.
1875 - John Thomas Mawbey, George and Ann's eldest living son, marries Sarah Clarke at Mudgee.
1883 - Moves to 'selection' at Breelong near Gilgandra.
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