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Friday, February 25, 2011


On the surface, it ought to be relatively easy to find out how and when my great great grandparents came to Australia.
I know the year, 1832.
Well, that is according to George Mawbey's death certificate which states that in 1862 he had been in the colony of New South Wales for 30 years.
The story goes that GEORGE MAWBEY and his father JOSEPH came to this country on the same ship as the young woman he married, ANN WILLIAMS.
She would have been 13 and travelling with her parents, David and ALICE WILLIAMS and a couple of siblings.
It is possible the ship departed from Liverpool in England.
So all I have to do is look at the passenger lists of all the ships that arrived at any Australian port in 1832.
But that information does not yet appear to be available online.
Then if I can find it on microfilm, look for the surnames WILLIAMS and MAWBEY.
The best source of shipping information I have found is THE SHIPS LIST at
At the moment I'm floundering ...