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Sunday, February 27, 2011


I have made the predominant colour of my MAWBEY FAMILY AUSTRALIA the same as that of the MAWBEY family crest. The crest features blue leaves on a vine surrounding a shield which has a blue ribbon with three six-pointed stars placed diagonally across it.
Above the shield is a knight's silver helmet.
I want to find out more about its symbolism.
Update 23-3-11
Over the last few weeks I've learnt that a coat of arms is only awarded to an individual, not everyone bearing the same family name.
Sir Joseph Mawbey would have been in a position to have one when he was knighted.
So is the one described above that I found on the internet his?
I subseqently found another one, with differences in the shield including the use of the colour red.
I think I'll leave the exploration of this subject to further down the track.
Update 21-4-11
A family crest is being created for Kate Middleton to celebrate her forthcoming marriage to Prince William.
According to a TV report, anyone could have a family crest created for them as long as they had a degree and could pay the prerequisite amount for it.
Update 24-4-11
The 13th Australasian Congress on Genealogy and Heraldry entitled "Your Ancestors in their Social Context" was held in Adelaide, South Australia, 28-31 March 2010.