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Thursday, February 24, 2011


What I know about GEORGE MAWBEY thus far:

c.1809 - Birth of George Mawbey in Surrey, England to father Joseph and mother whose name is not known [recorded as 'unknown' on death certificate] .
1832 (?) - Arrival in the colony of New South Wales. No records discovered as yet. Date deduced from death certificate.
1833 - In April, May and June he is an actor and singer with the Theatre Royal, Sydney's first professional theatre.
1837 - In January left the employ as clerk for Samuel Onions, an emancipated convict with a successful ironmonger business in Pitt Street, Sydney. In early June, writes letter to The Australian newspaper rejecting allegations made against his former employer by a client to whom Onions lent money. For the next six months he runs his own business as a tinman. In late June, he holds liquor licence as publican of the Hope and Anchor hotel in Pitt Street, Sydney. In August, witness for the Crown in the Supreme Court of New South Wales (Sydney) in its perjury case against Onions.
1838 - In July at age 30 is married to 19 year old Ann (Jane) Williams at St Philips Church of England, Sydney by the colony's chaplain, WILLIAM COWPER. States his occupation as publican. Ann was born in Liverpool, Lancashire, England in 1819 to David and Alice Williams. On 31-12-1838, George arrives in South Australia.
1839 - In June, Mrs ANN MAWBEY is booked to sail from Sydney to ADELAIDE, in a cabin, on the brig Nereus. But bad weather prevents the ship from sailing, and Mrs Mawbey is not on the passenger list of the next sailing. She arrives in South Australia on the Abercrombie on 21-7-1839. In November, George Mawbey ceases to run a general store in Rundle Street, Adelaide, South Australia that he has been leasing.
1840 - In August, Mr and Mrs Mawbey (?) left Adelaide bound for Sydney on board the brig Christina. [Was it just Mr Mawbey?]
1842 - Birth of their first child, a son called DAVID, in the parish of St James. The boy is named after his mother's father.
1842/43 - George owned premises in Wooloomooloo, Sydney. (?)
1843 - Birth of second child, and second son, ALFRED, in the parish of St Phillip's. [He dies in 1848 aged 4 1/2, in the same year as the death of his older brother aged 6.]
1845 - Birth of third child and first daughter, ALICE, christened 12 October at Petersham in Cook's River parish. She is named after her mother's mother.
1847 - Birth of fourth child and second daughter, ANN JANE, christened 17 October, at St Lawrence, Sydney. She is named after her mother.
1849 - Birth of fifth child and third son, JOHN THOMAS, at Dural near Castle Hill (farming district on north-western outskirts of Sydney).
1851 - January, birth of sixth child and fourth son, JAMES, at Dural.
1853 - August, birth of seventh child and third daughter, GRACE, at Camperdown, Newtown.
1855 - November, birth of eighth child and fourth daughter, ELIZABETH, at Dural.
1856 - On 19 February, George Mawbey is a witness at wedding of MARY WILLIAMS to Irish-born Henry BLACK at Dural.
1858 - December, birth of ninth child and fifth son, GEORGE, at Dural.
1862 - August, birth of 10th child and fifth daughter, Mary Emma, at Newtown. On 30 November, George Mawbey Senior dies in Newtown (Sydney) of apoplexy (stroke) aged 53. Buried in Camperdown Cemetery at Newtown.

George's death certificate states he was born in Surrey, England and that his father's name was Joseph, and that he was a dealer. [Update 18-9-12 this is confirmed in the birth registration of Mary Emma which he completed.]
A line has been ruled through the space where mother's maiden name would normally have been written.
This indicates that her name is not known by the person supplying information for the death certificate.
It further states that George has been living in the colony of New South Wales for 30 years, indicating he arrived in 1832 at age 23.
How and where I still do not know.