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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Of the five sons of GEORGE MAWBEY (I), the only two to reproduce males to extended the family name were JOHN THOMAS and his younger brother, GEORGE (II).
The other boys, DAVID, ALFRED and JAMES, died before reaching adulthood.
JOHN THOMAS grew up in Mudgee where his father is said to have gone after gold was discovered there to set up a store to sell goods to the miners.
It was there that JOHN THOMAS MAWBEY married SARAH ANN MARIA CLARK in 1875.
They were my great-grandparents.
JOHN was born in 1849 in the farming district of Dural near Castle Hill, 31 km north-west of Sydney.
SARAH was born in Castlereagh, a rich farming area in the Hawkesbury district, about 55 km north-west of Sydney near the town of Penrith.
They were a handsome young couple as a photo of them in a later post shows.
Fortunately they could not know what tragic fate lay in store for them in their middle age ...

NSW Central West

JOHN THOMAS obtained farming land further west, at a place called Breelong, near present day Gilgandra.
There as well as growing wheat, he was the local publican and postmaster.
The inn where he and his wife and growing family originally lived was used as a staging post for Cobb and Co coaches.
JOHN THOMAS (known as JOHN) and SARAH had nine children - seven boys and two girls:
1880 John Thomas II (Jack) b. 27 July, Mudgee
1882 Reginald George b. 31 March, Mudgee
1884 Grace b. 24 May, Mudgee

1885 Percival b. 29 November, Breelong
1887 Sydney b. 28 June, Breelong
1889 Hilda May b. 21 March, Breelong

1890 Albert b. 9 November, Breelong
1893 Cecil James (Jim) b. 10 January, Breelong
1896 Garnet Lindsay b. 12 April, Breelong

[Source: Mawbey family records]
They enjoyed a healthy outdoor lifestyle in the country growing up with prosperous parents who could afford to pay for schoolteachers to educate them and other children of local farmers.
But all this was to change on that fateful winter's night of Friday 20 July 1900 when tragic events made my family a permanent fixture in the Australian historical landscape when their blood was spilt on the land ..