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Thursday, January 28, 2010


Growing up in Sydney, I never came across anyone with the surname MAWBEY, other than members of my father's family, so I felt a bit like a foreigner surrounded by people with more common family names.
Then in my mid-20s when I was a school teacher at Broken Hill, there was a girl with my family name in one of my classes!
It was spelt differently, without the 'e', but I had a sense of belonging at last.
Forty years down the track I'm doing my family tree and discovering there were lots of other MAWBEYs about - I just didn't know about them.
They've not only inhabited the state of New South Wales, but also Victoria and Western Australia.
On this blog I'm going to record the existence of as many MAWBEYs as I can find in this wide brown land, both for the benefit of future generations of Aussie MAWBEYs as well as members of the family now.
Hope you find this site interesting. I will try and make it so ...

Pamela Mawbey