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Monday, April 2, 2012


A WorldConnect website has a detailed family tree for Samuel Smith and Charlotte Newson, the maternal grandparents of Sarah Mawbey (nee Clark).
She and three of her children were murdered by part-Aboriginal man, Jimmy Governor, in her home late one winter's night at Breelong in 1901.
According to this rootsweb website, the youngest of her mother's two sisters, Mary Ann Smith, married George Thomas Clemson at Penrith on 9 March 1860.
She was only 15 at the time.
The Clemsons had seven children, all born in the Penrith district, the last in 1872.
The family then appears to have moved to Gundagai in south-western NSW where George Clemson died on 17 October 1872.
Two years later, the widowed Mary Ann Clemson, 29, married Charles George (known as "George") Edwards at Gundagai.
Three sons were born to Charles and Mary Ann Edwards there: Victor (George) Emmanuel, 1875, Herbert Thowhaldsen, 1879 and Ernest Charles, 1880.
Another son, Frederick Adolphus Edwards was born in 1882.
He was the father of a distant cousin of mine currently living in Melbourne.
Using the unusual Scandinavian-sounding name 'Thowhaldsen' as a guide in my Ancestry search for Charles Edwards, I found one from Finland.
He departed from Glasgow, Scotland on the Tamerlane and arrived in Sydney on 18 July 1873 aged 27 (b.1846).
My distant cousin says his grandfather Charles "George" Edwards was born on 29 March 1835 at Stepney, London and baptised on 26 April 1835 at Saint George in the East Parish Church Stepney.
His parents, and my cousin's great grandparents, were Charles Edwards (b.1810) and Lucy Maria Sennel, married 1834.
My cousin tells me his grandfather was a mariner.
Also that the Thorwaldsen was a migrant ship, bringing his wife's grandfather to Melbourne in 1851, but that his grandfather was not a passenger or crewman on it.
He says Charles George Edwards arrived in the colony of NSW in 1854 when he was 19.