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Sunday, April 1, 2012


Yesterday I found the grave of Sarah Mawbey's older brother, James Clark, in the old Methodist cemetery on the Old Castlereagh Road near Penrith.
When I lived in the Hawkesbury in 2000-01, I drove past that cemetery many times, but did not see it because the tombstones are hidden by a fence.
Even if I had seen it, I had no idea some of my ancestors might be buried there.
James Clark died in 1882.
He was born in England and came here on the Asiatic in 1855 with his parents, Robert and Elizabeth Clark (nee Smith).
With them were his mother's two younger sisters, Sarah Ann and Mary Ann Smith, and the girls' parents, Arthur Samuel and Charlotte Smith (nee Newson).
Sarah Ann Smith, b.1840, married Thomas Appledore Jnr, an English-born son of a convict, Thomas Appledore (1) [aka George Kane] who arrived in the British penal colony of NSW in 1801 and died at Penrith in 1841.
Thomas Appledore (2) arrived in 1842, settling at Castlereagh in 1854, the year before the Smith family arrived in the district.
He was baptised in England on 6 December 1795 and had an older brother, Richard, and younger sister, Mary Ann.
His father had married Anne Jagolfe in at St Andrew's church, East Stonehouse, Devon, England in 1792.
Mary Ann Smith, b.1843, married twice, first to George Thomas Clemson and then, after being widowed, to Charles George Edwards.
This is yet another offshoot of the family I now have to investigate.