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Friday, January 6, 2012

I did have some success, however, with finding out more about where my great uncle, George Mawbey II, lived in the Assessment Books held by the City of Sydney Archives.
His name did not come up when I did searches for 'Mawbey' and 'Mawby'.
When I looked at his address, I found his name had been misspelt 'Mawley'.
In 1907, when he was living at 35 Ann Street, Surry Hills, in the ward of Belmore, the house he was renting was valued at 52 pounds.
It was the second most expensive house in the street.
The most expensive was the house next door, 33 Ann Street, owned by the same landlord, William Goldsmith.
It was valued at sixty-five pounds.
It also had a stable.
Being a carrier, using a horse and cart for his livelihood, George Mawbey may have kept his horse there.
The name of this next door neighbour was Thomas Wade.
On the other side was William A Cooper whose rented house was only worth 36 pounds.
The owner of his house, Hugh Dalveen, owned the five adjoining houses, all rated at the same amount.
Both properties owned by Mr Goldsmith were brick with slate rooves, and two-storey with six rooms.
No 35 had a connecting lane.
[Ref: CSA027476, p.83, line 5, Assessment Book 1641]