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Wednesday, January 18, 2012


I appear to have found more information on about David and Alice Williams, my great, great, great grandparents, who arrived in Sydney with their five children in October 1833.
They were 'unassisted arrivals', free settlers, who travelled from Liverpool, England via Hobart Town, on the Mary Catharine.
David was aged 38 at the time, indicating he was born c.1795.
There is a marriage record on Ancestry for a David Williams and Alice Jones who wedded on 16 September 1816 at St Nicholas church, Liverpool, Lancashire.
If this was my GGGG/GF, he would have been 21.
One of their two daughters, my GGG/GM, Ann Mawbey (nee Williams), was born in 1819.
There is a record on the NSW Births Deaths and Marriages register of a David Williams dying in Newtown in 1870.
And a newspaper Family Notice for another one, formerly of Newtown, who died on 5 May 1872 at his daughter's residence in Melbourne.
Was this his other daughter, Margaret?
David Williams had been a cooper, making wooden barrels, and it is possible he may have worked in one or both of the two breweries in nearby Parramatta Street (now Road).
There is also a John Williams working as a cooper listed in a trades directory who may have been his son.