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Monday, July 16, 2012


In London, England, there are pubs and streets named 'Mawbey'.
The pub below is at 7 Mawbey Street, Stockwell, London.
It's located between Stockwell and Vauxhall, in the vicinity of the Tate Art Gallery and Westminster Cathedral.
A comment on its website says it's in the middle of an 'estate', presumably a public housing one, and is an 'unreconstructed, old time boozer ... a True Blue Chelsea pub'.
Other comments by neighbours are not so complimentary.

Mawbey Arms in London
'Mawbey Arms' Hotel London

Here's a Google map showing where it is MAWBEY ARMS HOTEL LONDON

According to A Complete Listing of the Streets of London in 1891, there were at that time four streets named 'Mawbey':
Mawbey Road, Old Kent Road, Camberwell
Mawbey Road, St Anne, St Olave
Mawbey Road, St George, Camberwell
Mawbey Street, Kennington, Lambeth