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Thursday, May 24, 2012


The beauty of coming to Australia as a convict was that detailed records of personal appearance were recorded.I have just found the physical description of convict William Mawbey who arrived in Port Jackson (Sydney) on the Woodbridge on 27 February 1840.
A butcher by trade, he had been convicted at Surrey Quarter Sessions for stealing a cloak on 1 January 1839 and sentenced to seven years transportation.
His Certificate of Freedom granted on 4 May 1846 when he was aged 31 gives this detailed description of him which is not particularly flattering:
Cast inward in the right eye. 
Two scars top of right side of forehead. 
Lost two front teeth left side of upper jaw.
Dimple in chin.
Mark of a burn back of left cheek.
Raised mole lower part of left side of neck.
Scar betwixt the forefinger and thumb of left hand.
Grey eyes.
Dark brown hair mixed with grey.
Complexion: dark pale.
Height: 5' 61/4"
Year of birth: 1809
Native place: Surrey
William Mawbey was the older brother of Henry Mawbey, the founding father of the Victorian Mawbey family.
After regaining his freedom, he married in Sydney and then went and lived in Melbourne with his brother.
William was the same age as George Mawbey who also came from Surrey, but I have not found any evidence of any family connection between them.