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Thursday, March 15, 2012


There are so many discrepancies in the existing convict registers.
Yesterday when I was in the library I found a book The first 25 years of convict transportation in New South Wales (1999) by Lesley Uebel which consists of an alphabetical list of convicts.
I just happened to open it at page 82 where I saw that a convict called Joseph Druce had an alias of 'Bruce'.
He arrived in the colony on the Royal Admiral in 1792, having been given a life sentence at Middlesex the year before.
I then looked for him in the Tasmanian Archives convict register and he was not there.
It only had a Thomas Druce (arriv. 1841) and an Elizabeth Druce (arriv. 1853).
Then I looked at the Queensland State Library convict register and found these two, plus Joseph (the one I was looking for), and three others, James Lewis (arriv. Oct 1798), John (arriv 1847) and Richard (arriv. 1835).