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Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I have found another 'MAWBEY'.Her name appears in the book, Sydney Burial Ground 1819-1901 [Elizabeth and Devonshire Streets] and History of Sydney's Early Cemeteries from 1788 (2001) by Keith A Johnson and Malcolm R Sainty, published by the Library of Australian History, Sydney.
She is SARAH BARCKLEY MAWBEY who died on 12 April 184(6) aged 8 months [b.September 1845].
She was buried in the Church of England section of the Devonshire Street cemetery, now Central Railway, in Sydney.
When it was decided to resume the land, the occupants of the graves and their monuments were moved to other cemeteries.
Little Sarah was reinterred in Bunnerong Cemetery (now Botany Cemetery) near La Perouse.
Of the 2285 memorial stones transferred in 1901, only 746 remained in 1986 when the Cape Banks Historical Society transcribed them as an Australian Bicentennial Project (1988).
These were placed in the Pioneer Memorial Park at Botany Cemetery.
Little Sarah's remains are in this memorial park.
She is there in section 45, Nr 106, sharing a plot with Leiutennant John McNabb who died on 3 March 1846.
At Devonshire Street, Sarah Mawbey was in the CE-M section, plot 1217, category D.
In neighbouring plots were Alexander Burness Briggs, d. 18 May 1847 aged 16
months, and Emily Catherine [Wood], child of Jane Elizabeth Wood, d. 11 May 1842 aged 11 months.
Sarah Mawbey had an upright monument which
 was in poor condition at the time of her re-interrment.